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Time to Repair Your High Frequency or Spindle Drive?

The oldest drives we have encountered were made in the 1970s, whereas the majority were manufactured in the late 1990s. Drives which operate 24/7, are in a hot environment, have sediments of some oily compound or dust, age quite quickly. Drives which operate occasionally, are in a cold environment and stay clean, could last a very long time.

Most of our customers know how their drives have been used over the years. Often just looking at the unit closely will give you a good sense of its condition. Some clear signs of advanced aging are if the fans are clogged, oil is dripping from the drive or parts of the unit are discolored. Some of the newer drives even have counters on them so running time is recorded.

In some environments, sediments on printed circuit boards can cause a chemical reaction with solder mask and copper runs. Over time, the problem causes "random" interruptions in thin signal runs and drive faults.

Drive Repair

Our Expertise in Repairing High Frequency and Spindle Drives

Our customers often ask us for support of other manufacturers’ products within our area of expertise. Some of these original manufacturers are out of business and some are under-served in the North American market. Most high frequency drives we repair and replace were made in U.S.A., Europe or Japan.


Our experienced engineering personnel have a design level knowledge not only of the latest modern power electronics and control circuits, but also of older technologies often found in machines.

Through our supplier network, we can locate obsolete parts or replace them as needed. These replacement components are often of higher quality, thus preventing future problems. Our application knowledge and experience in many areas, give us an advantage in solving elusive and difficult problems.

spindel electronics drive replacement

Dedicated Service Technicians

We offer fast and knowledgeable support through the quick delivery of products and parts with an exceptionally fast turn-around for repairs. Our long term availability of parts and support along with easily accessible technical assistance over the phone or by email has made us the first choice of our customers for many years.


We pride ourselves on our clear and efficient technical communication.

Troubleshooting, Support and Evaluation

Our technicians will gladly help you to determine whether the problem is inside or outside of your drive. Please include the fault history recorded, operator’s observations, and any other useful information.

Supported Drive Brand List

High Frequency and Spindle Drive

Brands We Support

Acomel, Berges, Bosch, Danaher Motion, Frecon, Fuji Electric, Gamfior, Graseby Volkmann, Hitachi, Indramat, Kollmorgen, PTI, Refu Elektronik, Rexroth, Sieb & Meyer, SycoTec, TB Woods Volkmann, Volkmann Electric Drives, Warner Electric

Support for SPINDEL Drives

We offer knowledgeable and responsive factory warranty and non-warranty repairs, technical support, original parts and replacement units for our products. Having your drive repaired by SPINDEL Electronics is the best guarantee that the problem will be completely resolved.

Evaluation and Repair Quotation

For a large majority of drives, the evaluation is at no charge. We will make every attempt to evaluate your drive quickly, especially if it causes your machinery to be down. Our quotation includes the cost to repair and refurbish with lead time. When needed, we can also quote a replacement drive for comparison.

spindel electronics need a repair?


SPINDEL Electronics has the expertise and over 30 years of experience working with generations of machines, motors and drives. With our extensive stock of spare parts and expert technicians, this allows us to ensure a fast repair turnaround.

spindel electronics easy drive replacement

SPINDEL Electronics Makes Replacement Easy!

If we are replacing a drive which we have received for an evaluation, in most cases we would be able to record the drive program (parameters) from the old unit. This allows us to repeat the program int he new replacement drive. Otherwise, we would need to learn motor information as a minimum.

If you as our customer can provide electrical connection diagrams showing how the old drive was connected to the rest of the machine, we can also create such a diagram to facilitate rewiring. This is in addition to providing assistance via phone or email as well if needed. For models we encounter most often, we have developed replacement guides and connection diagrams which can be found in the Resources section.

Drive Replace

Replacement Guides/Diagrams

New replacement drives are factory programmed for your specific application. After consulting our replacement guides and choosing your SPINDEL series drive, we also offer connection diagrams and phone support to facilitate re-wiring and start-up.

spindel electronics drive repair

Why Replace with SPINDEL High Frequency Drives?

Since 1995, SPINDEL Electronics has been designing, manufacturing and supporting industrial variable speed AC motor drives, also called frequency converters. These drives offer high output frequencies required by fast spinning motors and includes special features not found in standard AC motor drives.

Key engineering personnel have been involved with high frequency and other special AC motor drives since 1986. Our American Made drives offer improvements such as better overall reliability of the drive and of the whole machine, lower motor losses (heat) resulting in longer bearing and winding life, short circuit protection on output,better control of the process (speed and load).

spindel electronics drive replacement

What Improvements Can I Expect?

We recommend replacing your old high frequency drive with one of our SPINDEL Electronics drives. Our American Made drives offer such upgrades as:

  • Increased reliability of the drive/machine

  • Better process control (speed and load)

  • lower motor losses (heat) resulting in longer bearing and winding life

  • short circuit protection on output, protecting the drive even with repeated shorts

SPINDEL Electronics takes into consideration dynamic performance, control interface, available space, environment, current harmonics and electrical noise issues, cost, and any other application specific requirement.

spindel electronics need to replace a drive?


SPINDEL Electronics has the expertise and experience to provide the needed solutions to support your demanding applications. Our high frequency and spindle drives increase power efficiency and can lead to less down time on your production line.

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