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Engineered Drive Systems & Converters

Drives in Protective Enclosures

Many applications require sealed drive enclosures to protect against dust sediments and liquid contaminants found on the factory floor and other places where drives might be installed. Most of the sealed enclosures we provide are rated IP54 (NEMA 12). ​

Floor standing protective enclosures are typical for larger drives while wall mountable enclosures are typical for smaller drives. 

Enclosures often contain other components required for machine operation, which SPINDEL Electronics can cost-effectively install, together with the drive. If required, extra panel space can be provided for customer to mount additional components.

spindel electronics drives in enclosure av series

Drives for Multiple Motors Operating One at a Time

This configuration is often seen on turret-type internal diameter (ID) grinding machines. Drives are programmed for all used spindles (motors) so that each motor operates with its ideal drive output.

Machine CNC control, the operator or coding in spindle plug let the drive know which spindle is active at the time. Many control configurations are possible. SPINDEL Electronics has a lot of experience replacing the obsolete drives on older ID grinders.

spindel electronics drives multiple motors one at a time

Drives for Multiple Motors Operating Simultaneously

If all of the spindles (motors) operating on a machine are identical and if all of them run at the same speed at any given time, it is often most economical to use one larger drive to operate all of these spindles.

Depending on the application, individual overload protection for each spindle motor might be desired. Than can be accomplished by monitoring the winding temperature of individual spindles, adjustable overloads with contactor function, motor current measurement, fuses, etc.

Typical applications are in Printed Circuit Board machines (drilling and routing), drilling of holes for rivets in aerospace industry and in textile industry.

spindel drives for multiple motors simultaneously

Universal Drives for Spindle Testing

Companies which repair (rebuild) high speed motors and motorized spindles, need to run each spindle after repair to make sure their electrical integrity, vibration, temperature, and everything else is satisfactory.

Drives used for testing should be universal so they can be used on a wide variety of AC motors with simple re-programming. They should be suited for operation of low speed motors rated 50 Hz to very high speed motors rated 6,000 Hz (360,000 RPM for a 2 pole motor), and motors rated from very low voltage to the full drive rated voltage.

In addition, drives should provide the electrical readings which need to be recorded during tests, in order to minimize the need for additional instrumentation. Examples are motor speed, motor temperature, motor current, motor voltage, motor load, or power, etc.

spindel universal drives spindle testing

Drive Systems for Spin-Tests and Dynamometers

We specialize in drive systems for spin testing and load testing (dynamometers) for high rotational speeds. Depending on customers’ requirements, we provide:​

  • Just the motoring drives (inverters)

  • Motoring and regenerating (power absorbing) drives

  • Dissipative (resistive) load banks

  • Matched drives and custom high speed motors (motors made by a third party)

  • Torque transducers and other instrumentation

spindel drive systems dynamometer


SPINDEL Electronics has the expertise and experience to provide the needed solutions to support your demanding applications. Our high frequency and spindle drives increase power efficiency and can lead to less down time on your production line.

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