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Drive/Generator Load Banks

Load banks are typically custom made per application. Load elements consist of power resistors and inductors which are sized to match the required load points.

Typical applications are for testing of Permanent Magnet generators, electric drives and other AC or DC electric power sources.

Switching of different load points can be accomplished by electrical contacts (relays, contactors) or by solid state switches (power transistors). Selection can be manual or remote.

Method of cooling and enclosure protection depend on application. Duty cycle and expected life of load bank are considered to optimize size and cost.

Temperature protection, junction boxes, cables, meters and other features can be provided.

spindel load banks for drives and generators


SPINDEL Electronics has the expertise and experience to provide the needed solutions to support your demanding applications. Our high frequency and spindle drives increase power efficiency and can lead to less down time on your production line.

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