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About SPINDEL Electronics

Why Choose SPINDEL Electronics?

Most members of our engineering team have been in the high frequency drives industry since 1986, under the SPINDEL brand name since 1995. We have been working with many manufacturers of high speed motors, motorized spindles, machine and process designers, operators and maintenance personnel. This has allowed us to accumulate a lifetime of experience.

Applications with very low inductance high speed motors can be difficult if drives were not designed specifically for such applications. We make sure new applications work right the first time and we help our customers troubleshoot elusive problems encountered with other manufacturers' drives.


Reliability and Accessibility 

Reliability of SPINDEL Electronics comes in two ways, with the reliability of our products and that of our company as your partner and supplier. Chances are you will not need our assistance with our drives for a long time. However, you can rest assured that when you need us, we will be here to assist you.

Being accessible to our customers is vital to how we do business. You have access to technical personnel who know these drives inside and out and the applications they are used with, so issues are solved quickly and efficiently.

spindel electronics av series

Dedicated Engineers and Technicians


Our engineers are constantly developing modern, efficient, and reliable solutions for our customers and their applications. Being able to work with our most knowledgeable and demanding clients and receiving their valuable feedback ensures that SPINDEL Electronics stays on a forefront of technology in our field.

We offer fast and knowledgeable support through the quick delivery of products and parts with an exceptionally fast turn-around for repairs. Our long term availability of parts and support along with easily accessible technical assistance over the phone or by email has made us the first choice of our customers for many years.


We also offer technical assistance at our customers’ site and pride ourselves on our clear and efficient technical communication.


Core Competence


We are an engineering company with a core competence in industrial high performance microprocessor, DSP and GA based embedded control systems applied to power electronics converters in low voltage area (up to 1000 V). We focus on high frequency AC motor drives (also called frequency converters) for very high speed motors and drives for special motor applications, as well as on some other power electronics converter applications.

For more than 30 years we have seen generations of control/power electronics components and control algorithms being developed and used. We have experienced first hand the problems our customers face. We then use that experience in the design process of our own units, as well as in repair procedures and replacement decisions for drives still being used in many factories.

spindel electronics testing

The Right People, Attitude, Products and Experience

We are constantly learning with our engineering research and growing our technical skills all the time. We strive to always take what we learn and apply the newest techniques and skills to ensure our customers get the best service they can. 

Above all, we want to help our customers with any technical issues they may have, with our own drives or with some of the drives we support. We understand the urgency when a machine is down and when you need a resolution quickly.

spindel electronics customer support


SPINDEL Electronics has the expertise and experience to provide the needed solutions to support your demanding applications. Our high frequency and spindle drives increase power efficiency and can lead to less down time on your production line.

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