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AV Series Drives

Standard Features

  • Best solution for very high speed AC motors and motorized spindles

  • Motor frequency up to 6,000 Hz as standard (360,000 RPM for a 2 pole motor)

  • PAM control with active output filter eliminates low order current harmonics

  • No need for motor inductors

  • Very low motor losses

  • Low voltage peaks and dv/dt

  • Suited for induction (asynchronous) motors

  • Very fast and accurate load measurement and programmable load thresholds

  • Two programmable temperature sensor inputs (PTC style, KTY 84, PT 1000)

  • Dynamic braking with internal resistors

  • Various serial interface options


  • 380-460 V, 6-75 Amps

  • 100-240 V, 11-38 Amps

spindel electronics av series high frequency drive

High Frequency Drives by Design

AV Series is a line of universal high frequency drives, suited for operation of a wide range of 3 phase AC motors, from standard “low speed” motors rated 50 or 60 Hz to high speed motors rated up to 6000 Hz (360,000 RPM for 2 pole design). ​


AV Series drives are differentiated from “standard” AC drives by the special attention which is given to specific needs of high frequency (low inductance) motors. The design was optimized around quality of voltage and current wave forms at any speed, low drive induced motor losses and vibration (bearing temperature and life) and control features which high speed motor applications typically require.​

High Quality Output for High Speed Motors

An active output filter for selective harmonic elimination significantly reduces motor losses (heat) and vibration, resulting in longer bearing and stator winding life. This approach results in better performance compared to most PAM and PWM type high frequency drives and is more universal than solutions with L-C filters.

spindel electronics av series high frequency drive enclosure
spindel electronics av series high frequency drive pwm pam

Advanced Motor Protection

All three phase motor currents are continuously monitored by dedicated fast circuits for safe and expected values, for phase current differences (phase imbalance), for open connection in one phase and for short circuits.


If the insulation in a motor phase fails, AV Series drive will indicate in which phase is the problem without failing, which greatly facilitates machine/system troubleshooting. Load sensing measures real motor load and is fast and precise. Programmable timed-overload function permits transient overloads while thermally protecting the motor.


Two sensor inputs are available for monitoring of stator winding and bearing temperatures. Each input is programmable for use with PTC style, KTY 84, NC switch or PT 100 temperature sensors.

Low System Costs

No additional components are needed for most applications: Input EMI filters, output dV/dt filters and dynamic braking resistors are all included. Output filter reactors or output transformers are not required. Reduced spindle repair costs as a result of longer bearing and winding life. Low operating costs due to high system efficiency (low combined motor and drive losses).

spindel electronics av series high frequency drive

Looking To Replace Your Old Drive With Our SPINDEL AV Series?

New replacement drives are factory programmed for your specific application. After consulting our replacement guides and choosing your SPINDEL series drive, we also offer connection diagrams and phone support to facilitate re-wiring and start-up.

Additional Features/Options

  • Fundamental output frequency up to 6000 Hz (360,000 RPM for a two pole motor)

  • Active output filter eliminates low order current harmonics

  • Simplicity of V/Hz (U/f) programming

  • High system efficiency (low drive and spindle motor losses)

  • Output dV/dt filter included for low voltage stress at the motor

  • No need for motor inductors

  • Output fully short circuit protected

  • Monitoring of phase currents, motor temperature

  • Fast, accurate and repeatable analog load signal (power or torque)

  • Fast touch sensing (Gap Eliminator) signal with solid state outputs

  • High resolution analog speed reference input

  • Two analog inputs, two analog outputs

  • Ten digital inputs

  • Safe stop/disable (inhibit) input)

  • Five solid state outputs, four output relays

  • Input EMC filter included

  • Simple operation of multiple motors, either in parallel connection or one at a time

  • Automatic selection of the best control method for a particular spindle motor

  • Two MODBUS™ compliant communication ports

  • Easy integration with LabView™ test environment

  • Dynamic braking with internal resistors

  • Control can be powered by an external 24 VDC power supply


  • Additional dynamic braking resistors (may be needed for very high inertia)

  • Remote mounting kit for Control Panel (HMI)

  • Fieldbus/Serial Communication Options

spindel electronics av series high frequency drive
spindel electronics av series high frequency drive AV-2V011A-4


spindel electronics av series high frequency drive AV-2V011A-3


spindel electronics av series AV-4V006A AV-2V011A



av series AV-4V014A AV-4V021A AV-4V022A AV-2V038A





spindel electronics av series AV-4V036A


spindel electronics av series AV-4V068A AV-4V075A



Nominal Mains/Line Voltage: 380 to 480Vac, 50/60 Hz

Panel / Wall Mount

Nominal Mains/Line Voltage: 100 to 240Vac, 50/60 Hz

Panel / Wall Mount

Nominal Mains/Line Voltage: 100 to 240Vac, 50/60 Hz

19" Rack / Tabletop

  1. 72 s at S6 value alternating with 48 s at 40% of S6 value (no load). Peak current is 200% of Continuous Output Current.

  2. Continuous kVA at voltage indicated.

  3. Contnuous kW[HP] at voltage indicated for a typical motor.

  4. Width dimension published is for rack inside clearance. Rack mounting brackets are for 19” (3U or 4U) rack systems

  5. Height increases 19 mm {0.75 inch] for Tabletop units due to rubber feet mounted on the bottom.


SPINDEL Electronics has the expertise and experience to provide the needed solutions to support your demanding applications. Our high frequency and spindle drives increase power efficiency and can lead to less down time on your production line.

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